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Who Is A Teacher? A Brilliant Guideline To Be The No.1.

Who is a teacher? The cultural definition of a teacher among us is that is one who teaches us, but there is another unique definition we should know. The real purpose of a teaching is can be relate as, “teacher is equal to a motivator.” If one taught you only and didn’t motivate you, he is not accounted as a teacher. To teach and make things clear is not what teaching is, but to create a will and spark in the student is the job of a teacher is.

Teaching is quite different among the countries in the world. But, In developed states, there is a license issued for teaching before he starts his job. Which we didn’t see or notice in the developing states. The developed states checks the following six essential qualities before their selection.

Subject Grip

Who is a teacher? It’s common everywhere that a teacher should have command and grip on his relevant subject. But in the developed states, it is also kept in mind or check whether the teacher’s knowledge is upgraded or not? Looking at the significant growth of information, it’s crucial to have an elevated experience according to the environment. We have a massive flow of billions of data on an hourly or even second basis, which is to be considered.

Communication Skill

Who is a Teacher?

It’s an essential part of teaching when you teaches to the initial classes. The teacher should not show his bulk of knowledge by using the typical wordings he learned at higher levels. But he should be quite skilled in communicating to every age of children. For that, he should use painless and communicable terms in dealing with students. Sometimes perhaps always, a teacher should become a child to make to make friendly environment.  Therefore, communication skills are critical to becoming a teacher. You should teach your students how to speak also. You can understand then who is a teacher?

Social Genius

The dealing of any teacher is always with the children. Social Genius is also about this specific realm of dealing with children. It tells us that how a person can engage himself with the children and their environment. He should be polite, and patience should always side with him. If a person didn’t like children much then, how he be would be a a teacher ever.


Who is a Teacher?

Who is a teacher ? Every person needs to have passion and spark of their relative field of interest. If a teacher lacks in this area, then he will never be a good teacher at all. To answer our basic question of who is a teacher? it should be kept in mind. A common phrase use in education term to define a teacher in just three Ps. A teacher must have ; good personality, well Prepared, and be punctual.

A True Learner

Who is a teacher? Every person should be a learner because learning is an unending job or passion. If a teacher is not much fond of knowledge, how can he make the children learn more? Who is a teacher and who is a learner are quite same question.

Progressive Attitude

A teacher is the role model for their students. So, if a teacher is quite well in growing ahead in his life, it positively impacts students and vice versa. It is well said: A teacher is good when he or she be like friend rather than a rude face standing infant of them with a stick in his hand.

Time Management

Who is a teacher? A teacher should have skills in managing his time to guide his students well for time management and become a person like their teacher to be successful.

By looking at all these criteria a developed state is taking into their account you can have answer of who is a teacher? I feel nervous that Pakistan is not much closer to their standards to be a teacher. Here we have mostly work for money, and the selection process is not much competitive. We have cases regularly on exam scams and paper leaking by different bodies and personals.

As said, “A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.” We took it seriously but in a heart. One should have enough money on his disposal to have jobs and status in the country to bribe and keep happy with the authorities. Secondly, if you have power, you don’t have to follow the constitution’s rules to follow the citizens. We have hundreds of cases. Perhaps the last one is the links or references one should have in the organization’s upper tier to have such jobs.  

Who is a Teacher?


Who is a teacher? It’s psychological that you will use it for the wrong purposes if you come to the post in a wicked way. Then it’s very optimistic to argue that the nation is not much far from seeing the progress it deserves. It is leaving over your mind to decide with more qualities of a good teacher. Expressing more concisely to my readers that A good teacher is one who kept in mind the principal of three Ps. We must not forget to have a well Prepared, fine Personality and be Punctual during the teaching. I hope and believe that you got the answer of who is Teacher.

What is your experience with teachers or teaching ?

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