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16 Types Of Psychology To Study: Highly Recommended | Sign In Pakistan


Psychology is a knowledge under which the human mind and brain are discussed in different aspects of the beginning and its various aspects. Different thinkers have said different words about the self-realization of all thinkers. It may be that science (knowledge) discusses the mind, body, feelings, character and various functions.

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Now that there are different aspects of human mind-building under the knowledge of self-esteem, there should be separate discussions and arguments in different fields based on human beings. Thus, different branches of the self have come into existence, which has separate dissertations from which some of the important ones are. 

Experimental Psychology

      Self-realization refers to a branch that discusses and studies the principles of self-realization to test the experiment and to draw conclusions after experiments on different human beings.

Applied Psychology


Applicable self-realization applies to the process of self-realization. It is the job of the self or to generally apply the principles that are laid down after the principles of industrial self-realization, self-realization, self-realization in the countries of the world. 

Comparative Psychology

This is what some people have called self-realization. Under this, different types of individuals, different groups and different problems are compared under which they are searched for different and common values and are also comparable to different orbits of individual functions. 

Educational Psychology

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In today’s world, self-realization is the most important branch. This discusses the self-realization of the students, the ink-minded intelligence, the blunt mind, the inefficient and related issues.  This is supported by curriculum and curriculum in keeping with the students’ mindset. It has been used to develop several micro-devices and various methods of testing.  

Animal Psychology

   This branch of psychology discussed the role of animals. The functions of these people, though forced, are affected by the environment. Thus, after experimenting with these people, important information about their responses is provided. 

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Criminal Psychology

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The study of the self-realization of criminals is considered very important nowadays.  There is a debate on the crime, their causes, and the important issues of anti-crime, as well as the issue of punishment and crime in society, and today there is a great deal of attention. Under this, the crime victims are found to be the reason for their involvement in committing the crime. 

Social Psychology

The functions of individuals and society are discussed under this branch of self-realization. Under this, the individual party is discussing issues like customs, habits and habits and the relationship of the individual with their environment. 

Child Psychology

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Under this, children’s functions and feelings are discussed.    In the first few years after the child’s birth, individuals have a prominent place in the world, as there is a social harmony at that time and individual it begins. Children’s actions are their emotions and character responses.  

Industrial Psychology

Under this branch, the issues of industry and industry are discussed.  Under this, increasing and addressing the concerns of the workers of industry institutions is one of its main topics. 

Clinical Psychology

Under the medical system, a study is conducted on the individual’s mental illness and various mental complications and treatment.  It is now considered to be the most effective and effective branch. Under this, various mental disorders are treated and under this treatment, the treatment is done by finding out the cause of the mental diseases through self-realization. In today’s age of confusion, mental disorders are increasing day by day, some new methods of treating them are being followed.  

Physiological Psychology


To study self-realization and to know about the functions of individuals, it is necessary to know the functions of different organs of a person. 

General Psychology

 Under general self-realization, the individual’s feelings and feelings are studied. There is a discussion about this individual, sense, perception, attention, emotional intent, character and life, reaction emotions, various confusions.  All the branches of the self are placed on the common.

Abnormal Psychology

       Under this branch of self-realization, the routine character, functions and mind-realization of a person are studied and the reasons and types of personality are examined.  The classification of mental disorders and their causes are discussed by this branch. This is called physical self-realization.

Race Psychology

Under this branch, individuals are discussing the individuals’ various parties, groups, nations’ collective self-realization and their response.

Development Psychology

The child is in a state of mental and physical development to reach puberty from childhood. This period of study of mind and feelings, functions are conducted through this branch. Nowadays a lot of work is being done in this sector and now it has been extended to the development of the world.

Theoretical Psychology

      Initially, self-realization was divided into two types.  The first type of self-realization and secondary self-realization is discussed under this branch with the principles of self-realization. In other parts, all the visions of self-realization are visible under which the self-realization has been placed.

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