Pain: Clear Definition With 3 Types

Pain is something physical as well as mental. What is pain medical definition? “It is elaborated as an unlike able feeling that is carried to the brain by sensory neurons”. But here I wrote down what I have read in different scholarly articles on the Internet, and sort out three main and important types usually occurs with us. 

This can be called an unpleasant and unlike able feeling. This is your body’s reaction against any stimulus. When you encounter any foreign then you feel something which can be of high as well as low intensity depending on the type of foreign object’s intensity. There are different types of this issue or discomfort, both physically and emotionally. There may be short term and long term, depending on the intensity and your physical condition. The more you fit the less amount of time you will suffer and vice versa. Same is also for the intensity of the suffering.

There are the following three basic types of the issue

1. Noticeptive pain


It is a physical one that arises from a wound. Wet get hurt ourselves and destroy some physical tissue. Such issue is called Nociceptive one. In this type of issue, where there is the low intensity of feeling you have, you feel by the tissue damage. The damages may be such as bone fractures, body burns, and mussel stress, etc. Such pain occurs in one place and is permanent until it is completely healed. 

Suppose you have a fracture in your leg, then this hurts remains until you heal yourself, which may take a short or long time. Such damages would cause you to take some rest. The nature of the rest depends on the depth of the wound. To prevent this hurt Analgestic pain killers are given to the patients.

2.Neuropathic pain


It is a physical one that makes a difference in the feelings of the mind and body. This type of issue is usually physical but it hurts the feeling capacity of our mind and body. This discomfort is caused by any disease or damage in the Nervous System. It makes a big difference in the feelings of feeling. It means that you can now feel less because this type of issue damages your ability of feeling anything.  

This inconvenience is caused because of a change or an accident that occurred either in the Central nervous system Or the Peripheral nervous system. The Central Nervous System or The Peripheral Nervous system are the two most important systems in the human body. The nature of this problem can be months long or even a lifetime. It is cured by even surgery or a simple operation. 

3. Psychogenic pain

It is emotional distress that creates a sense of real and unrealistic issue for the mind and body. This problem is also called depression.

In biology, it is said that it is a type of physical problem that emerges when we hurt our feelings, attitudes, and mental anguish. When someone hurt their feelings or someone else hurt your feelings, or you have changes in your attitude or any mental imbalance. This type of pain is both mental and physical pain. This type of pain affects the whole body but especially stomach pain and lower back pain.

To solve this problem, doctors do a consultation or give anti-depression or give non-narcotic pain killers. The duration of treatment may vary individually depending on the physical health of the person. 



The bottom line is that by discussing and knowing the different types of pain, it’s your responsibility to share the knowledge with your fellows around, as sharing is caring. So that everyone has the basic knowledge of diseases they carry. You can cross-check the medicines mentioned up here as I am not a doctor. Good luck with your safe and sound health and be happy.

What else do you know about pain? 

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