Have you ever curious to know why the potato chips are curved shape? There is a scientific reason behind this very structure.

All my life I thought air was free until I bought a bag of chips

The very structure of chips, which we actually speak in the language of mathematics as Hyperbolic Paraboloid, is actually a challenge for a chemist. Because its quite out of the box to shape a chips like that.

The challenge to shape the chips like Hyperbolic Paraboloid is given in 1956 was that the chips in the packet break down after one day and they become stale, so there is a need to  make chips that are neither stale nor broken inside the packet.

The chemist accepted the challengeChips

The chemist named Frederick J. Baur took this task of Procter & Gamble and got on with his work. Baur spent two years trying to make chips from Doo that neither break down nor stale quickly. Jane Wolf, a mechanical engineer and science fiction writer, helped Bore and built a machine that cooked the chips.

The bore-designed chips were safe from being broken, but their taste was not up to the mark or expectation. This situation led Proctor & Gamble to take the project from him to Alexander Lipa, and he patented the project.

After that these chips came into beingChips

Supercomputers were used to design them so that the aerodynamics of the chips could be taken care of and they could not break even if they were kept on top.

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Ghulam nabi
Ghulam nabi
December 31, 2021 6:20 am

Wow . Interesting

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