Best Restaurants in Pakistan

Top 33 Best Restaurants in Pakistan You Have to Try

If you love food, Pakistan is the place to be. From traditional Pakistani dishes to international cuisine, there is something for everyone to enjoy. And with so many great restaurants in Pakistan to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best places to eat in Pakistan. Bon appetit!

It’s essential to have food in life. Pakistan, like all countries, possesses distinct cuisines. Pakistan is known worldwide for its cuisine, especially its delicious food. Similar to other Asian restaurants, Pakistan’s food is significantly different. There are excellent dining places with pleasant surroundings. The restaurants on this website provide authentic Pakistani cuisine and are never vacant. There are perfect weapons for each job. Similar is said in the Pakistani cuisine industry.

Best Restaurants in Pakistan

How much does a restaurant cost in Pakistan?

Restaurants in Pakistan may have a starting cost of around 1 million and could need up to 50 million. These investments depend on location, expenses, staffing, and the number of dishes you wish to sell.

What is the famous food of Islamabad?

As Pakistan has a rich history and tradition with many food options like Nihari Hawalwa Poori and Daal Chapli Kebab, Islamabad food is more sophisticated fusion cuisine. Many famous restaurants in Islamabad provide all the famous authentic Pakistani food.

What is the famous food of Karachi?

Special dishes include biryani, pulsek, kourme, Kabir ka, kabab Irini, jasmine, kata kat, Rohanna. Karachi is renowned as a diverse city with a diverse population and empire.

Best Restaurant food in Pakistan

Top Restaurants in Pakistan to Try Best Pakistani Cousine

In the food industry, there are many places worth visiting that are worth visiting. Show some of the most renowned restaurants in Pakistan. The restaurant in Pakistan is unique because of organic karahi. Yes, it is ok to have good food in fine dining rooms that offer an elegant atmosphere. However, Pakistani cuisine can be enjoyed at Dhaba-style restaurants, which have been there for centuries. They serve authentic Pakistani restaurants, and you won’t find them empty. Tell us which Pakistani food is worth trying out?

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Best Restaurants in Pakistan

Salt’n Pepper Village

The first salt and pepper restaurant opened in 1983. The place has become widely recognized as the first Restaurant in Pakistan. It also extended its name by opening the Salt & Pepper Village in Lahore. This unique Restaurant has transformed the hotel sector of the city’s hotel industry offering customers something unique in their way. The Restaurant has an authentic Pakistani village style and combines traditional and modern subcontinental cuisines. The dining area also provides an online live menu, in which everything is prepared right before your eyes. Village Lahore can seat up to 500 guests.

Andaaz Restaurant

Andaaz restaurant is an incredibly popular restaurant in Lahore. Its unique location differentiates it from other traditional restaurants in Lahore. This Restaurant is located near one of the most important historical places on the city’s walls, just beside a historic building in Lahore, the Badshahi mosque. The building is a historical symbol of the building. This house was built in a private property built from 1923 to 1920. There’s an art gallery nearby, by which you can view a vast assortment of regional crafts. This Restaurant is spacious with three-floor plans that give Lahore its old-fashioned atmosphere.

Ginsoy Extreme Chinese

The aroma of cooked rice and the sounds of the sizzling hot plates filled with delicious Manchurian and crispy fish and maybe a crack. Indulge your fingers in the heavenly sweetness of real Chinese cuisine served by Ginsoy Experiment Chinese, an award-winning restaurant with an excellent range of quality foods. Central location in Khayaban-eShahbaz, DHA Karachi. Despite changing weather, this place retains its charm. One of the few excellent restaurants in Karachi that embraced the original recipes for the success of the cuisine and thrived despite fierce opposition from the food of the new wave in the city.

The Mona Lisa

A famous Pakistani restaurant which is worth discussing is Monal. This is an important site in Islamabad because of its amazing views and delicious food. The Restaurant is situated on top of the majestic Margalla Hills and provides views over the gorgeous capital of Pakistan. The Restaurant has an elevation of 11373 meters above sea level, which entails an extremely special dining place. The place is famous because of its traditional and international cuisines. Featuring live music and a wonderful buffet, with a large ala carte menu, this is the best option for your entertainment needs!

Best Restaurants in Pakistan


Pakistanis know the importance of the Pulao. Only taste food is capable of satiating pulao taste buds. Savour Foods is an established Restaurant located in Islamabad Blue Zone. Other branches are located in Rawalpindi. Pulaos have been popular with locals since being combined with Shami Kebab. Going to Islamabad for something traditional, cheap, and affordable should be a good choice. After developing and running successful restaurants in many cities across the nation, this location has become a household name. Various words that characterize Savour include rich, aromatic, spicy, and tempting.


Le Monal, located on the crest of Margalla, is the most popular dining destination. The chefs prepared meat on planchas at the enormous, down-to-earth terrace (in seven sections) overlooking Islamabad. At the same time, family members enjoyed Pakistan’s exquisite culinary offerings while younger children took selfies at an amazing panoramic view. Italian, Thai and Morocco dishes are served in our Restaurant. On the morning of a walk through Margallas (Trail 2), it was great to have a full-course breakfast! Open all week from 9.00 – 12:00. About 600RP per person.

Khoka Khola

Khola Khoka is an old-school Dhabat style restaurant in Islamabad. It offers very limited but very yummy meals. It became a village icon and was served with rice and tandoori rotis. The meals are cooked using traditional steel thala. Aside from the regular three meals, they have several different kinds of dishes. It’s a delight for the Pakistani to enjoy your dinner. Syeda Maryam Fatima of BlushWorks shares their experience: “The Khosa Kohola is an excellent mixture of fusion-Desi street cuisine, above-the-standard services and a retro khoka ambiance.”

Café Flora

The best French cuisine in Karachi can be found at Café Flo. The hidden gem is located among Karachi’s busy streets and specializes in French cuisine and gastronomy. Café Flo was founded by the daughter of French Countesses and grew to become one of Karachi’s most popular restaurants and offers peace and Gallic sophistication to a growing number of Pakistani affluent and tolerant. Dishes such as smoked salmon served with the avocado purée, roasted beef on Leek Fondants, and Grilled Fresh tuna steak with coriander and herbs pesto are unmissable in Karachi.


Lal Qila’s stunning brick building takes you to the Mughal Age with its cultural heritage. Its decorative items bring you back to the 17th century a little. Fine dining is possible in mughla, tandoori grilling, and authentic Pakistan cuisine. Karachi, Hyderabad, and Lahore have shops. Most Pakistani restaurant owners have unique tales. Surprisingly the smallest of them is the oldest, which has a strong connection to Pakistan. It’s truly an amazing trip. Pakistanis invest very hard and lovingly in food that represents its sentimental value.

Oishi Sushi

The best Japanese Restaurant in Karachi and one of the top restaurants around the city, Oishi Sushi has an authentic Japanese culture experienced at home. Oishi Sushi has the most popular first-class sushi dishes and has slowly transformed food fans in Karachi into the joys of Japanese cuisine. Alongside these mainstays, Oishi Sushi also makes excellent yakitori, gyoza, and other classic Japanese dishes that can’t be found elsewhere in the city. Oishi Sushi, F71/47 Schweizer Cottage Block 4, Clifton Karachi 022 5865 1488.


Kolachi is a beach-side Restaurant located in Karachi. Dedicated exclusively to traditional Pakistani food. In addition, the Restaurant offers excellent seafood plates: fresh seafood sourced from the sea. The view is even more stunning at night as the light from the beach illuminates, creating a charming ambiance. Apart from food, the surroundings of the place are vital since they offer tourists pause from their hectic lifestyle. Lobster sliders and quesadillas topped with green pea guacamole are a few highlights from the menu.


You will find all kinds of delicious food like barbecue, Batairtikka, curry rice dishes, and desserts. Our group went there together with Pakistan’s Trade Development Authority directors, and their menus included Continental, Local, and Dessert dishes. Curries kebabs, barbecue meals, and naan chicken are the main entree on the Desi. The positive is how they handled the matter after complaints had been made. This round went home for excellent customer care even if there was no elegance. It is located in Gujranwala.

China Kitchen

Karachi is perhaps not famous for its wide range of Chinese restaurants. Still, China Cuisine has an extensive menu from around China that makes up for its absence in the local market. It’s the most interesting place to experience the incredible variety of cuisine, which comprises China’s food, from savoury spices in Szechuan food to delectable Cantonese dim sum. It includes a variety of unique innovations like shredded beef strips in a sticky sauce, China Kitchen 74/5 Swiss Cottage, Lifton block 4, Karachi. 9332 333 9169.

La Mamma

The best Italian Restaurant in Karachi and among Pakistan’s most admired, La Mamma offers an ideal setting for anyone looking for the best Italian cuisine in the town. It’s located at Sheraton Hotels and offers a selection of excellent Italian classic dishes on the menu. Grilled burgers focus on the table, while ossubuco, pollo, and gnocchi are restaurant staples. The traditional cuisine and interior evoke traditional Italian haunts, making it an authentic Italian experience in the heart of Pakistan.


The Pearl Continental Hotel, popularly nicknamed “PC,” is prominent in Peshawar. The city’s best hotel. The hotel has 2 superb restaurants, far better than most Peshawar restaurants. The Tai Pan restaurant serves renowned Chinese cuisine in an idyllic setting influenced by traditional styles. Try a tasty soup or fried noodles. Marco Polo’s Restaurant, however, offers an excellent option to those seeking a delicious continental meal. However, there’s a wide variety of regional dishes available.

Waris Nihari

This list is not over yet. Nihiri, one popular dish in Pakistan, is largely considered among the most preferred Pakistani food dishes. Those that don’t try this are recommended to visit the famous Waris Nihari in Lahore. They make a perfect combination of spices and garam masala, sprinkling immediately before meals. Many restaurants can be found within Gawalmandi, a former shopping area in Lahore. Ms. Mahreen Ghaffoor, a food expert, shares her thoughts on this Restaurant in Pakistan.

Capri Restaurant

It doesn’t take long to get the perfect Halwa Puri. This also applies when you visit the famous Capri. This building is located within Liberty Market Gulberg III Lahore. The hotel has a long tradition of breakfast. Their platters nashtata are filled with chana masala, halawa and 2 puri with achaar. It’s all $1! Many of the people who work there prefer to be in cars and enjoy lunch in quiet surroundings. Qsa Tahir explains the experiences with Capri — a tiny restaurant that grew out of an overflow of patrons.

Best food in Pakistan


Usmania is excellent quality and affordable Restaurant located in Quetta. The table arrangement is good, as do the dishes offered. Usmanias Plattered is a remarkable feature. Quetta invites your guests when you are there. Don’t hesitate to request their assistance on Usmani. If you are traveling by yourself, the address is Khojak Street Pishinstop. Also, you may eat at Usmania’s buffet. It’s most important is the mutton rib, which is sacrificed. The Restaurant offers fresh food and excellent service.


Passable travelers are welcome to take snacks for lunch or snacks (omelets, muesli, pancakes) or some refreshing fruits and drinks or even an iced coffee. Is this an attack on a walnut cake? The building has table sets behind an open window on the first or second floors with uninterrupted views of town or mountains. The small market also offers local products, including dry fruits, apricot oils, soaps, etc. Books and other regional items can also be purchased on the first floor.


Charsi Tikka is a widely-recognized restaurant located in Peshawar offering great cooked meats and Karahi, a type of wok cooked in a tomato and pepper sauce that you may like. The food is available in chairs or boxes on the floor. Keep your hands on your bones a little careful! Men generally eat here. It cost 400RP for a couple. Open until nighttime. The Only Place features a friendly atmosphere with a vibrant staff and delicious dishes. It’s the best Restaurant in Peshawar.


Café Crunch is the culinary creation of Sadia Bilour, who recently started creating a coffee shop in the Peshawar city center. Café Crunch is now a branch of Masooms Café, a group of restaurants. Bilour’s efforts and expertise have made it a very popular and friendly destination for Peshawars that she has found her niche within. Café Crunch is particularly suitable for individuals who enjoy the sweetness and freshly baked cakes.

Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi

Lalqila Restaurant Karachi specializes in revived Mughal cuisine offering guests an authentic Mughal-style dining experience that recreates the plethora of luxuries in India. The themed restaurant experience combines outdoor dining in Castle-style environments bringing ‘the legendary grandeur of an extraordinary and noble past.’ In addition, the dishes offer an extensive selection of traditional Punjabi, Mughlai, and Tandoor dishes.

Amritsari Harisa

Amritsari Hareesa is a traditional dish based on ground wheat seasoned with meat. The finest Amritsari Hareesi is found in an Amratsari Harisa restaurant in Lahore on Nidbat Road. It’s not that fancy, but it doesn’t stop Laharios. It’s an attractive dining experience in Pakistan. They’re smaller than the average house. You can takeout at the Restaurant or eat out in the car, but the food gives it a different feel.

Jalil Kabab House

Peshawar is famous for its Pashtun cuisine, primarily consisting of meat dishes. In chaplish ketbabs, Jalil’s house is unmatched. They serve delicious chicken chaplis in chopped onions and tomato sauce and are topped with various spices and green chile flakes. Jalilkabab House is one of Peshawar’s best-known restaurants. Almost 1000 visitors from abroad dine at Chapati every day, the local newspaper The Localist said.


Fuchsia provides upscale Thai Cuisine with modern Thai Cuisine in a modern environment. Fuchsia is based in Zamzam district Karachi and produces artistic interpretations of famous Thai classical music in an authentic tapas-style designed for sharing. Kelvin Lok is a head chef with a number of Michelin stars, the quality and attention to detail of his Fuchsian menu, and the innovative playfulness with Thai flavors.


In Quetta, Saigon Cafe & Restaurant has been widely recognized. Customers enjoy high-quality and varied food. The Restaurant provides a variety of food items, including platters ranging from steak to seafood to slaw. Shahbaz city Quetta has a café in Saigon. In Quetta, the company has created an excellent restaurant. The staff is also very friendly, and the menu is varied, primarily western.


The interesting Gilgit restaurant has modern painting paintings on its walls (the owners own an art school). There are a selection of dishes from Pakistan to China and steaks, soup, and salad recipes. The dining room is very good, but the terrace views busy streets and roads. Jamal Shariah shopping mall, Jutial Gilgad. Jamal Shariah Shopping Centre, Jutial Gilgad.

Rice Bowl

For Chinese and Thai dishes… The rice bowl is perfect for satisfying the Chinese appetite. The Restaurant is spread throughout Lahore, which offers many places to enjoy hot Chinese soup and a variety of other foods. Guests can choose from various vegetable, chicken, fish, and beef menus. They also offer noodles, if necessary, as well.

Desi Cuisine

Desi Cuisine is a place that offers authentic Pakistanis in an affordable price range. Desi refers to a restaurant that emphasizes traditional South Asian cuisine, which is perfect. Particular highlights on their menu include their succulent grilled seafood, lightly grilled Behari both, and spicy dhaga Behari kebabs.


Al Fajar is the newest Restaurant on Quetta Airport Highway. Customer satisfaction is assured in this establishment. They have an extensive selection of food options, including soup, sausages, bacon, Kabulis dishes, Indian dishes, Chinese dishes, platters, Sajjadi. It’s spacious so that everyone can take a seat.

Bundu Khan Restaurant

We have another person named Bundu Khan. The Bundu Khan food paradise for you is in good hands. It is considered a historic restaurant in Lahore with a reputation for consistent food quality and affordable pricing. The best dishes to try here are chicken suph, chicken katuri, and Beehari kabab.

Butt Karahi

However, Buttkarani needs no introductions since Lahore is an established restaurant. They are known for the organic chicken karahi, made with Desi ghee and fresh. It is located at Lakshmi Chowk Lahore, which has numerous legendary restaurants.

Phajja Siri Paye

Paye is another traditional Pakistani recipe made from horns of cows or goats and served in souplike form in which they are cooked. The savory payee is served in Fazal E Haq Restaurant also called Pajja Siri Paye in Shahi Mohalallah Walled.

Restaurants in Pakistan Wrapping up

Pakistani culinary traditions tell a story of a richly diverse past. Through the years, the country has developed into a melting pool of rich traditional foods and bold tastes where visitors can trace a specific recipe’s regional origins. Some Pakistani-based best restaurants reflect how the country evolved and became a rich and varied culinary paradise for tourists and locals.


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