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Pakistan's Export Of Skilled Manpower Top In 2020 In The Region. Is It A Brain Drain Or Okay To Celebrate?

The news is that Pakistan becomes the leading country in the region, i.e., South Asia, leaving behind India and Bangladesh in the Export of Skilled Manpower. The current regime of Imran Khan in Pakistan celebrates this as an achievement because the more the skilled workforce leaves the country, the more will be foreign remittances that will benefit the country.

But this narrative caught the attention of many individuals and most intellectuals because, in their understanding, it’s the state’s responsibility to create opportunities within the country so that the skilled labor shouldn’t leave the country.

So it’s very important to take a critical analysis of this important and discussion and debatable topic.


If we compared Pakistan with the regional countries in export skilled labor in 2020-21, then the numbers are record high for Pakistan.

According to the Labour Migration Report of 2020 & 2021, India stands at third in number, counting 94,145 workforces exported abroad. Secondly, Bangladesh with 217,699 and Pakistan making the top in the list depends on 224,705 skilled labor exported to the world.

What is Brain Drain?


Brain drain is a slang term indicating considerable relocation or migration of people. A brain drain can result from mayhem within a nation, the existence of well-qualified likelihoods in other countries, or from an aspiration to get a better standard of living. Brain drain is suitable in some cases and has implications in others.

In the case of Pakistan, When you have an economy that has been fragile for a long time, that seems to be going well or in the right direction basis on the current reports and surveys.

There are hundreds of skilled laborers who are jobless throughout the country. The ratio of joblessness or unemployment in Pakistan rose from 0.76 % in 1999 to 4.45% in 2020. Knowing this trend, one may think of other options like entrepreneurship and other online businesses currently on a record high number in Pakistan.

Export of Skilled Manpower from Pakistan

Pakistan become the no one manpower exporter
Labour Migration Report 2020 & PES 2020-21

The first question that might come to our mind is why people left the country except spending their holidays? There are indeed financial reasons behind this travel. Otherwise, no one likes to move away from their families, friends, and from the society where they grew up. They are very much attached to the circle where they were brought up and living for decades. They are emotionally and mentally attached to their societies.

But when somebody becomes a graduate or grew enough to earn for their families, in a society like Pakistan, to remain jobless after your graduation is considered against the culture ( not through the country but in most cases). Because we live in a joint family system in decline in Pakistan, the young and energetic persons, especially male ones, took the burden of feeding the whole family.

No Job No Money

The next question will be that how do you feed your family? For that, you need a job nearer the better. In Pakistan, you have to study sixteen years of your life to pursue a bachelor’s degree in an education system that has remained unnoticed for decades.

Once you have the degree, you have to prepare for the jobs tests and interviews, which demand more money through the tuition classes, which I would say are running like a mafia country. Many cases of leaking out the papers to those who bribed the inner people resulted in wasting money for those who prepared well enough.

If you are lucky enough to pass one of the free and fair tests, you need references, which the poor once didn’t have, and the people with connections make the way up. These are some problems which I tried to sum up beautifully as “you need another degree after your degree.” The whole process of preparations for the job is not more than another degree for most of the students of Pakistan.

Foreign Remittances and Skilled Labours


In a society like Pakistan, issues are there as well as considerable talent. But due to negligence of the government’s the skilled laborers moves to other countries to serve them on low wages. They may think that they might be repatriated to the jobless state if they didn’t work on low wages.

Therefore they serve the other nations and send back you few dollars in remittances. If it’s the state’s priority to celebrate the foreign remittances, they should know that it’s their lack of opportunities.

If they were provided jobs, then Pakistan may earn more dollars than the remittances you celebrate. There is a need to change the mentality of those who are celebrating.

The more the export of skilled labors, the more you will receive dollars exactly there is no doubt about that. But the argument is that if you are not competent enough to provide jobs for your skilled laborers within your state, you should admit that you were incompetent; therefore, we are on top in exporting professional workers.

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