4 Book Reading Tips for your Growth

Read any book there are tips available everywhere. We have encountered this question of how to read books in our life. There are different techniques to do that. Here I tried to make it easy to structure this blog more understandable for beginners. To learn better I prefer you to write about what you understand, think and speak about. Make notes while reading for keeping things in mind for the future. If you are interested in history then you will come to know that all our civilizations are based on writings. It’s worth reading the blog.

Never Overburden yourself

Make habits of reading books in pieces. For example, you can read a page and a half for a day and then some chapters in a weak then so on. But what you read make sure that you repeatedly do the reading job in your schedule. Increase your daily reading time from a single page or ten minutes to half an hour or an hour and so on. 

Are you a Reader?

Ask yourself that are you really a reader or not? If you are a reader then surely you will visit the shops to buy books for reading, and visit different websites where reading materials will be available. You will visit several websites of books and more probably you will join book clubs. What all these activities do is that they make you habituate to reading. If you are a person who did any of these or all the above things then can surely call you a reader. 

Read Everything 


While you read for the first time, it’s my suggestion that you should read everything that comes to you. Either it’s a digest, a newspaper column, serials, stories I mean everything. 

But I will not suggest you read all these for your life. You should grow with time. By reading everything in your beginnings you will find your area of interests and then you can have your ocean ahead to swim. Reading material of your interest creates a sense of satisfaction within you and you will enjoy it while reading.

How to remember?

Well, the basic question is how to remember the things that you have read. The first and most famous technique is making notes on book pages or lines where you find something new or interesting for you. Adding to this brilliant technique I would suggest you record what you read. This means that while reading you should record your voice. And then listen to your beautiful voice while sleeping or in your free time. This will make things repeat for you several times. 

Remember Everything?


Try to read the introduction of every book many times till you understand everything there. Then you should read the first sentence of every paragraph carefully and repeatedly. Finally, read the conclusion of the book you read twice.  


There is joy in reading any book of your interest. Therefore by following these tips I hope you can read any book of your interest in a good manner.

How do you read a book?


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