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How To Open A Meezan Bank Freelancer Account? Pros & Cons

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or business owner we want to offer the best service for your needs. Meezan bank’s new “freelance” account will help put money into freelancing pockets with dozens of benefits and facilities only available here!

Meezan Bank offers a variety of accounts for freelancers. This includes both current and saving variants with the option to keep your earnings in local or foreign currencies available on either side (or both). The benefits are discussed below! The Meezan Bank freelancer account is the perfect place to store your earnings.

Meezan Bank freelancer account Requirements

meezan bank freelancer account pros and cons

As a freelancer, it’s essential to have access and control over your finances. With the Meezan Bank freelancer account, you can do just that! You’ll find there are very few requirements for opening this type of checking account – all while avoiding any stress or hassle along the way fourth.

  1. Meezan Bank accepts the certificates issued by the freelancing sites as an acceptable source of income. Moreover, any detail showing that you are a freelancer and earning on any freelancing website is also acceptable as an income source. 
  2. Furthermore, a valid source of income such as the certificates/statements of earnings for the past 3 months or any other document provided by the companies/clients proving that the freelancer is working for it and has earned a particular amount of income in the past 3 months, is also considered a valid source of income.
  3. Proof of profession such as a copy of agreement/certificate/ letter-based correspondence that includes
          • Name of the portal through which you provide your services
          • Specify your nature of services
          • Scope of your freelancing
          • A copy of the Sale Tax NTN Certificate

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Meezan Bank Freelancer Account Pros and cons

meezan freelancer bank account freelancing in Pakistan

The Meezan freelancer account like other accounts offered by different banks across Pakistan has pros and cons. By experiencing the Meezan bank freelancer account I can say that till now I didn’t face any issue or any disadvantages with this account. The benefits of the Meezan freelancer account are discussed here.  


  • Meezan Bank accepts any foreign currency earned by the freelancers in accordance with the rules of SBP and only adds to your Meezan bank freelancer account in PKR on the exchange rate of the deposited date.
  • There is an IBAN generator on the Meezan bank website allowing you to generate your respective IBAN.    
  • Meezan Bank offers both current and saving account facilities for freelancers. 
  • This account of the freelancers is safe and their deposits are quite safe because the bank will not use your money in activities that contradict shariah principles as most banks do. 
  • The currency of the account will be the Pakistani rupee as well as the Pound sterling, Us Dollar and Euro.
  • Free checkbooks, pay orders, internet banking, and mobile banking app. 
  • SMS alerts 
  • Facility to pay bills from your bank app or via internet banking
  • Unlimited withdrawal 
  • Inward foreign remittances
  • Opportunity to invest in Meezan bank’s certificate of Islamic investment. 


  • 50 plus reviews are there about the benefits and usefulness of experiencing Meezan bank, based on customer experiences.
  • There are 20 plus reviews about the cons of experiencing this bank by customers. 
  • Personally, I didn’t face any issue or mishap with the bank 

It’s very kind If anyone notifies me below in the comment about any problem faced by freelancers while opening their accounts. 

How to open a meezan freelancer account

How to activate your Meezan bank debit card and credit card

When you are going to activate your credit/ debit card then it is very necessary to have your card in front of you as they may ask for any credentials regarding your card. The first step is to call at one of their 24/7 phone banking number   (+92 21) 111-331-331 and 111-331-332.  The second step is to follow the instructions to reach the customer service representative who will ask you credentials like father/mother name, ATM card number, date of birth according to thor SOPs. Finally, your ATM will activate in a period of time said by the CSR on call.   

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How to receive the amount in your bank from international Countries

Well, it’s quite easy with the Meezan bank freelancer account to receive the amount you earned from freelancing to your Meezan freelancer account. The amount you earned will be transferred to your account via Meezan internet banking online in your earned currencies and then the bank converts them into local PKR and added to your account for any transaction whenever you need via ATM or checkbook from country spread Meezan bank franchises.


When you are looking for the best bank to hold your career as an independent worker, the Meezan freelancer account may be just what you need. The safety and security of this institution will ensure that no matter how much money is earned from working on projects online or offline, it all stays within reach thanks in part because they provide more pros than any other concerns about their customers’ finances.

In conclusion: Do I think everyone should go out right now uninterrupted start using the Meezaan Freelancer Account?? No

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