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How To Become A Blockchain Developer?

Nowadays, Blockchain, Crypto-Currencies, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, and ICONS have become the most frequently used words in computer science, FinTech, and investment circles. We will discuss the Future Blockchain jobs, Blockchain misconceptions, and how to become a Blockchain developer?


Between Blockchain and distributed ledger technology, it is not matters if and when you realize it, but how much you lose while taking the time of realization.

Blockchain is doing to startups & businesses generally and FinTech particularly. What Email has done to post office mails, mobile phones to landlines, Netflix to Blockbusters, Amazon to RadioShack, and what Digital pictures have done to Kodak?

William Mougayar mentioned in his book Business of Blockchain that there are 5,000 blockchain developers in the world (mid-2016); compare this with 9 million Java developers and 18.5 million software developers worldwide. According to the CEO of Pantera Capital, cryptocurrencies will hit the $40 trillion market cap.

Blockchain Developer Jobs

ComputerWorld says the median salary of a blockchain developer is $158,000/year, and the hourly rate is $150/hour. UpWork has seen a 3500% increase in the demand for blockchain skills over the year. According to TechCrunch, there is only one candidate available for 14 blockchain jobs today.

There is a job for every aspect of the blockchain ecosystem. There is a job if you know how to code smart contracts, cryptography experts, consensus developers, Ripple suite of applications, and a job for IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric. It doesn’t matter which part of this ecosystem you work in, and there is a job available (right now) for you.

Portals like Blocktribe are dedicated to Blockchain-related employment only. There are 5,000+ blockchain startups, and ICOs have raised close to $7 billion worldwide. The world would need half a million blockchain developers in the next five years. The question is what you can do to secure a job and make your dreams come true, and how you can become someone that would qualify for these half a million jobs worldwide.

Misconceptions about Blockchain

There is a lot of confusion and misrepresentation out there when it comes to defining the Blockchain. Here is my very brief and straightforward blockchain definition that almost everyone can agree upon:

“Blockchain is a peer-to-peer, decentralized, distributed ledger that permanently and chronologically records and guarantees an immutable, unalterable, trustworthy.”

transaction (of money or any valuable asset) in a trust-less environment through consensus protocol secured by cryptography participation.” with economically incentivized

Blockchain is an immutable, open, secure, transparent shared ledger that anyone can voluntarily join and leave at will.

How to become a blockchain Developer

Blockchain Types:

It has two broad types: Public (with free participation incentivized and punished by consensus protocol) and Private (with a consortium of private businesses’ vetted membership and enforcement of laws and regulations in place). Blockchain saves time, removes the cost, reduces risk, and increases trust compared to centralized structures.

How to Become a Blockchain Developer?

What can one do to become a good blockchain developer if he/she cannot afford or fails to get selected for competitive and expensive programs? What can someone from a developing country like Pakistan do to improve his/her chances of getting hired in this required field or even try to use these advanced skills to enhance their surroundings, communities, and countries?

Here is a cheat sheet for becoming a good Blockchain Developer (almost) for free:

1. Start by watching Neha Narula’s Ted talk on the Future of Money

2. Don Tapscott’s talk on how Blockchain is changing money and business should be your next click

3. Let’s take a step back to find out why we have stopped trusting institutions by Rachel Botsman?” and the role of middlemen by BCG

 4. Have a look at the future of Branded Money with Paul Kemp

5. Mark Schwartz sheds light on Blockchain

6. We will end our visual journey with Bettina Warburg’s talk on Radical Transformation by Blockchain

7. HBR article The Truth about Blockchain 3 should be your first read in this journey

8. Make sure to bookmark these organizations for regular updates and to find out where the industry is heading-Digital Currency Initiative at MIT, Oxford Blockchain Network, Digital Chamber of Commerce, R3, Hyperledger, ConSenSys, and Blockchain Research Institute

9. There are a couple of books to get started, and most of these are available for free to download: Blockchain for Dummies, Mastering Blockchain 1st Edition”, A Gentle Introduction to Blockchain Technology, Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Virtual Currency the Bitcoin Manual by Lachlan Roy,

10. There are hundreds of workshops are available out there to better teach you crypto-currencies, Blockchain, and related technologies. There is a Byte Academy’s 14-week on-site program in New York that 100 $10,000, Oxford Blockchain Strategy Mgram for around $3,000. ConSenSys developers program for $1,000 even a complete Masters $12,000) and Ph.D. program in Blockchain by University Nicosia.

There are also quite a few specialized course providers, such as B9Lab, BitDegree, Udemy, and Lynda. However, my personal favorite is BlockGeeks; it should be your first stop. It is the best resource out there and offers courses from the basics of Blockchain to ERC20 tokens and from Segwit to Smart Contracts. You can learn it all for under $200 a year. Blockchain developer jobs.


Is the Blockchain take the next ara of money? No one can stop you if you wish to become a blockchain developer. It will take around a year, a few hundred dollars, a firm commitment, a lot of patience, and heavy programming practice to become one. Once you go through all or some of it, you can practice at GitCoin to see how good you can code and get paid for your work.

You can also submit your profile at CrossOver and get a remote job for $100,000/year. Whenever you complete half of it, send me a note, and I will have something ready for you.

The ball is in your court; it does not matter where you are and how much you can afford. If you want four times higher than the average income in your Country, this is the way to exercise it, perhaps for the next ten years.

Blockchain, Crypto-Currencies, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, and ICONS have become the most frequently used words in computer science, FinTech, and investment circles these days.

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