How to be Happy

How to Be Happy and Energetic?

How to be Happy? Experts say that your choice over the situation around you is only 10%. But to be happy you have 90% authority of your own. Being happy is an art that everyone doesn’t have. Experts who teach this art give proven tips based on some scientific research. Not all are of your taste but it’s worthy to read the following to remain happy. 

Wildlife animal art or Running  Horses Wall Art Helps you create a calm environment within your space.

Write once a day counting your available blessings

Everyone in this world has something that others don’t. You should note down all the blessings and opportunities that you have. It will create a sense of thankfulness to the giver and the master creator of all. Which eventually make you feel happy. 

how to be Happy?
by @Mehmood Waziri

Get 6-8 hours of sleep a night and 20-30 minutes of rest in the afternoon

In the modern busiest days of life, we don’t have much time to rest. If you don’t have resting time then your life will be worsening day by day. But, by following the mentioned time of resting and sleeping you can enhance your temperament to remain happy.   

Sit down and eat at least three times a week with everyone at home 


Living with the family is a gift that everyone doesn’t have because of some tragedy. But if you have your family anyway in this modern-day busy schedule, then you going to love this tip. You should sit and eat with your family a few times a week. Your family always thinks, tells, and advises you for your betterment. By doing so you will be more happy.

Create an indoor kitchen garden Spend some time of the day with plants

Living with nature surrounded by wildlife fine art photography is quite important for a motivated and calm healthy life. Moreover, closeness to nature will teach you how mysterious the universe is? You will then think of the universe and the science behind it rather than your negative thinking. 

Exercise lightly for 5-7 minutes

Fitness is the key to be happy. You can boost your mental and physical health by doing the said period of exercise daily. Exercise creates a routine of work within you that you follow to avoid a negative environment. Here are some benefits of any exercise

  • Help you control your weight.
  • Reduce your risk of heart diseases. 
  • Help your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels.
  • Help you quit smoking.
  • Improve your mental health and mood.
  • Help keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as you age.

Help someone in your capacity 


Helping someone creates a sense of relaxation within you. It creates immediate effects on your soul. It builds confidence in you which leads to living happily and strengthens your happiness. Its useless for us if we don’t help each other, while living within the same community. Its our duty to help each others.

Apply the scent of your choice

Cleanliness is very essential for us because we as being the social animal use to meet each other on daily basis. Therefore its very important for you to use the scent of your choice to create your good impression among others. It also helps you to participate everywhere because you don’t have any fear. If you didn’t used any perfume or scent in any function or meeting then, perhaps you may feel annoyed of your own smell of sweats and all. Therefore a perfect scent is very important for you to use in your daily life.

Drink at least 3 litres of water when you are sad

When your vehicle wants water to be fresh then for humans it is quite necessary as well to be fresh in life. It is therefore based on hundreds of researchers, Scholars suggested that, you should take some water whenever you are angry or sad. It helps you to feel fresher than before. Water has the ability to cool down things and so does your mind and soul. Therefore you should need to follow this step for your happiness.

Make Nine Complaint Days

You should promise yourselves that I will not complain about anything today. Then you repeat it for tomorrow and then postpone it for the day after tomorrow and so on. Continue this whole process for nine consecutive days. This process you should take till for a month if you feel good with it. It will make you a man who will never complain about anything and always see positive things. 

Keep changing the order of the goods in the home

Your home is the perfect environment for you to be creative. Because everything is your own belongings. Therefore you should change the household items’ positions regularly. Move positions of the TV and Tables hereto there and plan for making all the setting to be more creative according to your mind. This process will keep you busy all day long. Secondly, this process creates and boost your creative skills and techniques. Which helps to counter your hurdles in life ahead. Then, this process leads to engage yourself in a matter where you don’t have spare time for overthinking. The lesser the overthinking, the more will be you happy.

What would people say? Stop thinking this

What will people say? This sentence will kill more dreams than anything else in the world.

If you think about what other people would say about you, then what they will think. Let them think according to their own abilities. You should think for yourself to find ways to remain happy. Don’t spend time on other’s concerns. It will not make you happy than by avoiding does. If you have don’t have concerns on what other would say about you, then you have crossed the first ladder of success in your life.It causes your energy to getting down and you will not be happy anymore. Therefore you should ignore all those and move on in your own life.


All your goals depend on your mood. If you are sad then things will go irregularly. You can have a good mood and be happy by following the above steps of your choice. As said earlier you may take only a few relating to your choice as all are not for you. If your happy, there will be ease in your daily routine to pursue your goals. Good luck with your beautiful life and be happy. 

Would you like to share if you follow any other tips?


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Mudassir Ahmed
Mudassir Ahmed
3 years ago

Well articulated

3 years ago

Explained everything perfectly, and could be observed and followed by all ! Well done ?


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