How Powerful is Pakistan in 2022?

Pakistan is geostrategically located in South Asia. She has a vital significance and powerful country in the world in terms of the war against terror. Global powers like America, Russia, and China are aware of this significance. In the 21st century, China is the competitor superpower in World. Also Chinese began the MultiTrillion dollar project of One Belt One Road (OBOR) and CPEC is the flagship project of OBOR.

Afghanistan is the gateway for Pakistan to the landlocked energy-rich Central Asian States. If the situation in Afghanistan becomes stable then there is a great opportunity for the CARs to have the shortest access to the warm waters through Pakistan.

Iran is a critical player in the Middle East. Iran upholds the Asad system in Syria. Houthis in Yemen. Also Hizbullah against Israel. Iran is a neighbour of Pakistan to its south-west, have a cordial relationship with Pakistan since its birth. Pakistan also has friendly and cordial relations with other Middle Eastern states majorly including Saudi Arabia. By using the leverage of close ties with both Iran and KSA, Pakistan can bring these states to negotiating tables to have peaceful resolutions of problems within the middle east.

pakistan map greeographic

Which Country is Powerful India or Pakistan

India is located on the Eastern border and both countries engaged in wars and skirmishes many times since partition. The bone of contention between both states is the Kashmir issue. Both alleged one another of exercising illegitimate authority over Kashmir and does not recognize each other’s claims.

India being a large market of over a billion people is a great opportunity for states like Pakistan. Being neighbours Pakistan and India should form a union like the European Union to have relations depends on business and trade to avoid war and hostilities.

Why is the Pakistan Military So Powerful

how powerful is pakistan

According to the Global Firepower Index, Pakistan ranked 9th most powerful army in the world and it is estimated to have 1.2 million active personnel. The power of the Pakistan army was witnessed by the world when Pakistan had exercised different military operations against the terrorists within Pakistan successfully. Pakistan army plays a major role in different UN Peace Keeping missions globally.

Gwadar Port of Pakistan is very important for Pakistan for its trade and business. China’s CPEC helped Pakistan to develop this port on international standards. It also facilitates China to have access to global markets within a short span of time and a safe route through Pakistan.

How Powerful is Pakistan?

Pakistan is nuclear power country and only one amount the 57 Muslim states. Being nuclear doesn’t mean to aggressive in nature but it’s merely for deterrent against India. There is no war after Pakistan become nuclear which shows the importance of being nuclear. Most humanely speaking, there is a dire need for negotiations for both states to minimize the number of N. weapons else use nuclear technology for public causes and research.

Pakistan is the 5th largest populous country in the world. Pakistan comprises 2.83% of the Global Population. The population of 220 million people is scattered across 770880 square km of the country.  Out of the total 64% are below the age of 35. Such a huge potential and market is merely unexplored though developments are in progress.


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