Mountains are one of the key elements belonging to any country which helps the state and mother nature directly or indirectly. It helps to cover water shortages in the form of glaciers and the topography helps the state to resist earthquakes and economic flows as well. Here I will try to cover the questions in detail about the peaks.

Highest Mountains in the World (13)

The Highest Peaks in the world are below with heights and regions where they are located on the earth.

Mount Everest              (8850m).           Himalayan in Nepal/Tibet
K2                                    (8611m)           Karakoram in Pakistan
Kanchenjunga               (8586m)           Himalaya in Nepal/India
Lhotse 1                          (8516m)           Himalayas in Nepal/Tibet
Makalu                           (8463m)            Himalayas in Nepal/Tibet
Cho Oyu                         (8201)               Himalayas in Nepal/Tibet
Dhaulagiri 1                  (8167m)            Himalaya in Nepal/Tibet
Manaslu 1                      (8163m)            Himalaya in Nepal/Tibet
Nanga Parbat               (8125m)             Himalaya in Pakistan
Annapurna                    (8091m).           Himalaya in Nepal
Gashabrum 1                (8068m)             Karakoram in Pakistan
Broad Peak                   (8047m)              Karakoram Pakistan
Gashabrum 2                (8035m)            Karakorum Pakistan

These are the highest peaks throughout the World which are 8000m and higher above sea level. But below I will discuss the five 8000m peaks of Pakistan.

What are the 5 major mountains?

The top five peaks in the world have been discussed already but here I will name five of the peaks in Pakistan which are 8000m or higher.
K2 (Godwin Austin)                                    8611m
Nanga Parbat (Killer Mountain)               8125m
Gashabrum 1                                                 8068m
Broad Peak                                                     8047m
Gashabrum 2                                                 8035m

How many high mountains are there in Pakistan?

There are hundreds of peaks based in Pakistan. It’s not feasible to mention all those. There are 100+ mountains in Pakistan that are above 7000m high and the number is quite more if we count 7000m and below. There is a fewer record of those peaks which are below 4000m and around.

How Many Peaks Above 8,000 meters in Pakistan?

mountains There are fourteen Peaks that are above 8000m in elevation. Pakistan is home to five out of the fourteen 8000m peaks and four of these five 8000m peaks are in the surroundings of K2 and Concordia Glacier.

Second Highest Peak in Pakistan

As discussed, earlier Pakistan has hundreds of mountains that have enough elevation to be listed in some category. But the most heated and discussed mountain of Pakistan is K2, the second-highest in the world and the first in Pakistan.

Which Mountain Range is situated in the Northern Area?

Pakistan’s northern areas are home to the highest peaks and mountain ranges of the world.
There are the mountain ranges of the Karakoram, Himalaya and Hindukush within the Northern areas of Pakistan.

Types Of Mountains in Pakistan

The mountains of Pakistan are mostly snow-covered in the northern areas of Pakistan but the peaks which are in the southern part of the country are dry in nature. The topography of the northern mountains has very harsh temperatures and difficult terrain.

Mountains Between Pakistan and Afghanistan

The Hindu Kush range sprang over Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia and some parts of Iran as well. So, the western mountains of Pakistan mountains fall in the Hindukush range lies between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Mountains Of Pakistan Information

There are hundreds of relevant agencies private and public to deal with the information about the peaks in Pakistan. Anyone can have information about the western peaks of Pakistan to the east and north. One can have access to the peaks of Pakistan pdf. Then there is information on the peaks and glaciers of Pakistan on Wikipedia as well

Advantages Of Mountains Of Pakistan

mountainsMountains are very important in different aspects. The following are a few positive elements about peaks.

  1. Mountains receive the most snows of the year, and therefore their form glaciers nearby like the Concordia Glacier, Siachen Glacier etc. Thus, they help to form the downstream waters and rivers to the southern agricultural part of the country which leads to increased exports of the country.
  2. Mountain Tourism is another key element in creating jobs and economic activities from the country’s capital to the locals within the mountainous region.
  3. Mountain Skiing is a kind of sport that is quite unexplored in Pakistan though there are Skiing competitions on a lower scale every year.
  4. The major peaks of Pakistan, specifically the higher ones with others as well form a wall kind of defence to the natural disasters like earthquakes etc. These mountains absorb much of the effects of these natural happening and thus help to less destruction in cities.
  5. These peaks and their topography help in our defence. The terrain helps our forces to live in harsh conditions and the mountainous regions.


The peaks discussed above are quite an unexplored area in Pakistan in the sense of creating more opportunities. There is a need for awareness among the locals as well as the concerned departments to facilitate the tourists who help to create your positive or negative image depending on your facilities and behaviour.

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