Best Chinese Restaurant in Islamabad

Best Chinese Restaurant in Islamabad

The food in Islamabad can be expensive, but not when you’re renting a room with me! I have special offers for those who want their best meal yet affordably. The list will include some great Chinese restaurants where your taste buds won’t regret the choice at all and an ambiance that makes it feel like anything else just doesn’t compare anymore.

Best Chinese Food in Rawalpindi & Islamabad

The demand for quality food is on the rise in Islamabad. The city has been home to many international restaurants that serve up some delicious cuisine, but if you’re looking specifically at Chinese dishes then your search just became easier with this blog! We’ll provide reviews and recommendations of nearby hotspots so take advantage before they disappear again like always…

Best Popular Chinese food in Pakistan

Eating is a necessity and one’s satisfaction and pride. That’s are also applicable to cooking food and to serving others. A restaurant is a place where quality foods are served according to the customer’s needs and satisfaction. The motto or slogan of the restaurants generally is,” customers are our assets and satisfied customers are our source of capital”. It’s very difficult to name any restaurants nearby therefore the area of this blog is Chinese food in Islamabad. The rationale behind this is to provide the hygienic and best Chinese restaurant in Islamabad. 

Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

There are hundreds of Chinese food outlets in Islamabad and Rawalpindi spreading throughout the twin cities. But my focus is to inform you about the best Chinese restaurants in Islamabad at very economical prices and hygienic as well. These outlets are either can include in the category of food street or you may say them as SMEs spreading across the length and breadth of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 

The Empire Chinese Mobile Cuisine The Empire Chinese Food in rawalpindi

Empire Chinese is a customised truck serving in Soan Gardens Islamabad and delivers to nearby localities like PWD, CBR Town, Jinnah Gardens, etc and also via Food Panda for a couple of years. The empire Chinese restaurant offers its services at two localities in Soan Gardens and PWD(the new one).

  • Address PWD: Ibrahim Plaza, Pakistan Town Phase 2 Rd, Commercial Area Block A Police Foundation, Islamabad, Punjab 41000, Pakistan
  • Address Soan Garden: B block Soan Garden Street no 1, Bolan Rd, Islamabad, 44000, The Empire Chinese Restaurant
  • Reviews on google map (4.9/121+)
  • panda 4/5 (113)
  • FaceBook 4.7/5 (15)
  • Phone: 03115318695, PWD: 03195001077
  • FB: theempire051

JIK JIK Restaurant

chinese food in islamabad

Jik Jik Restaurant provide Chinese food for years in the area of Scheme III and Jinnah Park. Jik Jik Chinese restaurant are serving their customers for years now. Their main area is food delivery though they also have the dine-in option but for only a few people within their premises. 

  • Address: Jhanda Chichi, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000
  • Google map: JIK JIK Restaurant
  • FaceBook 3.9/5 (7)
  • Panda 4.1/5 (289)
  • Phone: 03415009100

Yum jumbo Chinese Mobile Restorent Pwd

Yum Jumbo Chinese mobile restaurant PWD Serving their customers of the areas of PWD and surroundings with Chinese taste for years. They have a mini-vehicle within which the chef serve live to the customers and also they have a kitchen close to this setup on PWD main double road.  

  • Address: 332, PWD Housing Society Sector D PWD Society, Islamabad Capital Territory
  • Phone: 03219052911                                                                                          
  • Google map: Yum Jumbo Chinese
  • Facebook 4/5
  • Panda 4.2/5

KungFu Chinese Restaurant

The Kungfu Chinese restaurant is serving the Chinese taste lovers in E-11 Islamabad since this years with a quality taste of Chinese as well as Pakistani BBQ at economical prices having a beautiful seating arrangement.

  • Address: Khudadad Rd, Golra E-11, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000, Pakistan
  • Phone:(051) 2225632                                                                                                        
  • Google map: Kung fu Chinese restaurant and bar b-q
  • Facebook 4/5
  • Panda 4.2/5

GB Dragons Mobile Chinese Restaurant

GB dragon mobile Chinese restaurant is a mini food truck beautifully customized for Chinese food within the premises of NUST University. They are located very close to the front side of gate 4 of NUST University. They serve at their own place with having the minimum capacity to sit but the main focus of their service is food delivery to nearby places. 

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