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CAREER GUIDELINES: 13 Points For Successful Career

Career guidelines is not that difficult as it is made by some. Choosing the right career often becomes a headache. It is because that a person’s whole life depends on this one key decision. Confusion here is dangerous. Make this decision as much as you want after thinking. But the decision should be clear and blunt. The best strategy is to shortlist and write down at least ten areas based on personal trends, market demand and available resources.

There are some guidelines that must be kept in mind.

  1. Your decision should not be based on any pressure or motivation or stubbornness. This is a hundred percent your own thought-provoking decision. Thats how I prefer career guidelines here.
  2. Be sure to seek career guidelines from parents, teachers and seniors, but make the final decision after a thorough review yourself.
  3. Don’t sit idly by after the decision, but only after your decision the real struggle will begin.
  4. Be sure to keep in mind your mood and conciousness. If you don’t like accounting, the decision to become a chartered accountant will always remain a dream. And if you became a chartered accountant then a very bad one will become from you as a chartered accountant.
  5. Whatever the department, make up your mind that this is not a part-time job but that you have to give your full time.
  6. Personal business is intended and resources are provided, yet education is essential. Be sure to get a proper degree in business studies. Also keep doing short courses. Career guidelines are very important in this regard.
  7. For science readers, the choice of pre-medical or pre-engineering should be thought-provoking because the fields of the two are different and there are many ways forward.
  8. You do not have to make a final decision once. Time will tell you again and again to make it better.
  9. When doing metric or O level, if there is no specific plan, then choose science, because after that you can step into any field. At this level career guidelines are very significant.
  10. If you have made a final decision to go to the computer field, take computer science at the metric or O level. If you plan to go to a medical or engineering field then take science while going to business studies or law field General groups or business groups can also take.
  11. You have fewer choices at FSC or A level. Now you have to make the final decision whether it is medical or engineering or computer or commerce etc.
  12. This is followed by the graduation phase and this is the final decision stage of your career. Suppose you have done FSC from pre-engineering then now your entry is engineering or BS based on your result Will be in any of the articles. Here again you have to choose the right field. The same field will continue. You cannot go to medical if you want to go to medical unless you take an additional biology test. While commerce, Can go to law, computer science and arts.
  13. Four years from ninth grade to twelfth grade are the years of death or life of a human career. In these four years, spend all your life skills and all your time. The fruit of it you will eat all your life. Thats how I guide and work on career guidelines for you.

Swot Analysis (SWOT Analysis)

Career Guidelines

I prefer students to use this SWOT analysis for nurturing their career planning. There are other great career guidelines available but this career guidelines is a very simple but very effective tool for accurate decision making is called SWOT Analysis. This is very important for career planning. First you shortlist three to ten fields. Then SWOT of each field analyse This will go a long way in dispelling confusions. The word SWOT is actually an acronym for four English words. These four words are as follows
S = Strength/power
W = Weakness
O = Opportunities
T = Threats/risks

Take a page and place a horizontal and a vertical line in the middle of it and make four boxes on it. As shown in the picture given. Analyze a field on a page. Allocate the top two boxes for Strength and Weakness Are Both are related to your personal attributes, but one is positive and the other is negative. Strength refers to your strengths, such as your abilities, trends and resources in the relevant field that you can take advantage of

Career Guidelines

Weaknesses, on the other hand, refer to your weaknesses that need to be addressed. For example, if you want to join the army but you are underweight or not physically fit, your dream cannot be fulfilled without removing this weakness. Opportunities and threats belong to the outside world, but they are also positive and negative, respectively

Opportunities In opportunities you will explore all the possibilities that you can move forward in this field. That is, the entire scope of the field is in front of you. If possible, meet people from relevant departments. Risks or actions include an analysis of all the concerns, concerns and losses that may occur to you in this field. Also how capable you are of dealing with these risks.


Simply put, you have to look at the positive and negative aspects of each field and ultimately choose the field in which the positive side is the highest and the negative side is the lowest. Career guidelines are quite necessary for everyone including you and me. Therefore I tried to cover the points in my mind about career guidelines to help you choosing your right career. I hope it was quite worth reading for you.

How successful are you in your career?

Career Guidelines
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