If you are guided that it’s not that difficult to earn as a blogger, that’s just not true. No matter what the self-styled side-hustle gurus or squeeze page courses say, there’s no quick and easy way to suddenly become successful as a blogger.

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The fun part is that making money through blogging is still possible. It just requires lots of time, effort, discipline, perseverance, and self-learning to get it right, and no course can teach you that.

There are many things behind your success as a successful blogger like that of your habits, mentality, and interest than it is about following a particular formula or identifying the next big thing. And, if you can use the right approach, think about how you can add value, you will have a lot of money to earn.

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I make a comfortable full-time living just blogging. I think you can do it too. I’ve covered most of the essentials below on what you need to do to get started. This is based on my experience, the experience of many other successful research-based bloggers.

I will not compel you to follow my instructions, as you and every individual have their style of writing and have a different mentality.
So, I offer this in a spirit of sharing, in the hope it gives you another perspective and provides some helpful touchpoints along the way.

Let’s go.

Make your mindset of a blogger

You may make blogging a full career for earning. For that, you would start from scratch. I suggest you follow these steps to be a successful blogger.


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You have to love research, be willing to learn, incorporate your findings, then do it all over again. It’s a process of continual improvement, and it never ends.


If you want to start a blog then you should start yourself and remember to take guidance from others but not be dependent on them. You should know all those things that you didn’t understand, do the research, and fill in the gaps.


Writing is not as simple as someone believes. This field like every other field needs more time and focus. You have to have thick skin, be resilient, and keep at it. You should not expect that you will become a success within days or months, as sometimes it may take years to be successful.


One of the biggest things that set successful bloggers apart is professionalism—treating it like a commercial, is to help your audience or say visitors, and keep your readers attach your feeds, etc.


Yes, you do need writing skills. But, more importantly, you need the right type of writing skills. The motivation and aim of blogging normally mean that you make a blog and for that create ideas in such a manner that you make your readers stick to your blog. Leading your readers to take some actions after your instructions. To achieve this goal, you should focus on these 4Cs for effective writing.


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Yep. Part of the success comes only in being in the right place at the right time and saying “Yes” but it’s not with all of us or always.


Your passion is when you’re not writing, make passion your career and it just becomes your job. Forget about passion when it comes to making money.
No one can teach you these approaches because they are so ingrained in our personalities. What you can do is learn them yourself. What are the incidents or motivation for you that creates curiosity? What are the ways through which you may find discipline? Finally, What do you mean by professionalism?

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Muhammad Ali is a blogger and content writer on different topics. He has worked on projects in the field of education, travelling, tourism, and freelancing. Your kind suggestions and corrections are always welcome.

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