Bitcoin is widely talked about today, and there are almost daily reports about it. There are rumors about it, so there is a legal debate going on. But it is unfortunate to see that the bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies like this, there is no talk of a “blockchain,” the emerging basic technology. On the contrary, the truth is that if you seriously master the blockchain, this technology can guarantee your best career in the future. This I have written for such people in particular.

BitcoinYou are not having a religious or philosophical discussion in the belief. This is the method by which we live and the practical example of the Hobo Block China. When we are born, we become a birth certificate. Form “B” from the hospital or the office of the District Moderator Counselor and then from NADRA as final proof of the Birth Certificate or Family Certificate. This certificate is a certificate that you are on paper. Legally, without it, your existence is not proven, or you are not a citizen of the country.

When you were vaccinated, another register was issued. Taken home, made an identity card or passport, driving license, bank account, arms license, marriage, the birth of children, school admission, university degree that you keep getting some certificate till death, which is a testimony to registration in one or another account. I compare this system with Invisible blockchain and the letter of actions also which is also a register that is being written.

Valuable items, natural resources, millions of resources, and populations have always required that accurate registration be made possible. After World War II, the Bretton Woods Conference was held in 1944, which resulted in the International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Bank, and later the United Nations and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

As the institutions came being so that all resources of the world could be controlled, run and all the small and big countries and all the people living in them, poor and powerful, all came under this central system and Let them enjoy as much freedom and personal status as they can. Eventually, get all their energies and resources through the primary strategy to reach a few oppressed people or institutions determined to enslave free people in the name of policy-making.


BitcoinIf you look around and observe, you will find your life connected to some central accounts. Banks, home papers, hospitals, ID cards, wedding offices, licenses, etc. What’s the point of discussion that we’re always tied to some central account or system? Why do we need an alternative method? Why should we explore a new system while everything is going well?

There are three significant drawbacks to trust (or blind trust) in the central system.

Arbitrary separation (Exclusion)

Separate this system or its operators from the system whenever they want, in the name of competition or censorship (Censorship) or the broader interest of the country, as they wish; Put Pakistan in the Terrorism Watch List and FATF issue and put money and supplies at their disposal and forced us to follow their steps in their way.

Under another pretext, Iran, Venezuela, Palestine, North Korea, and every other country, institution, or person who is not heading in front of you should be barbed or made impossible to join. Pay-Pal is not functional in Pakistan. More than a billion people in the world do not have their identity documents, from the government’s mandate to immigration, from employment to medical aid. They cannot prove their existence.


People trust you but keep the market of injustice, looting, and corruption active. Let the people put their lifelong savings in any institution and destroy it as they see fit. People pay taxes to the country, and instead of working on their welfare, the rulers spent the savings of the poor on their luxurious lives.

Loss of Record

forget about bitcoin and blockchain. What If someone hacks the central bank or any bank and makes all the accounts zero? If a bank team member accidentally puts an incorrect entry into your account or loses a record in another natural or accident? As usual, files in our country catch fire. So what is the guarantee of the right of the rightful owner in this case? The unfair division of resources, the unjust execution of the authority, and like the power has the power are the reasons for which an atmosphere of distrust was gradually established.

If you look closely at the last century, the most degraded among people have come to trust. People’s confidence has fallen sharply, whether they are the government, the courts, the natives, the religion, the leader, or any other guarantor. In general, Humans don’t have confidence in anything.  This issue has been under discussion for the last fifty years about how to set up the trust in two or more parties? And that too without a central character?

Researchers in mathematics, computer science, economics, and psychology have spent decades searching for answers to dozens of questions, such as this and that. Like raindrops, delicate pieces continued to form different passages of the new system until the fictitious man in 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto presented a viable solution to this problem to the world, which we call “Block China.” (BlockChain) as they say.

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