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5 Steps To Learn Better Education | Sign In Pakistan

Learn better is a dream for every one of you. That’s why I am providing you 5 special and significant steps to follow to find the answer of how to learn better in your life? So that you can have your life happier and prosperous. I tried my best not to disappoint you. For that, I did my homework by doing researches within my capacity and tried on myself as well. And I found astonishing developments within my life. Therefore, I recommend you to read and follow the following 5 steps. 

He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger


Here are the most awaiting 5 tips to learn better

Reading, seeing, and observing

Learn Better

When you started reading something, the very first step you should do is that you should find the meaning of reading. You should be aware of what the word reading is meant by. If you are reading a word then you should know what that specific is meant by. 

Secondly, you should know the meaning of what you are reading in any sentence. For that reason, vocabulary is significant. If you read a sentence then you know that the sentence is a collection of words. The words collectively in a sentence change the meaning. Therefore, you should have enough vocabulary that you can understand the sentence meaning.
Thirdly, after getting to know what a sentence means to you, paragraph meaning comes. You should find what is written in a paragraph at all.


Learn Better

The mistake which most of us do is that we read or observe something, we then directly believed that we have learned everything ourselves. But it’s not like that. I want to mention that understanding is something that, if you read a line or paragraph, then you should analyze and find what the writer wanted to convey in those writings. If you find the message behind the lines of the writer then I called it understanding.


Learn Better

After understanding, I keep “thinking” to the list at third steps to learn better.  You should analyze that what the writer writes, what you read, and what are the messages conveyed by the writer. Secondly, you should analyze that why the writer is trying to convey this specific message and why not any other message. 


Learn Better

After thinking the steps are done, I prefer you to speak what you read to learn better. For that, you should explain your thinking and understandings to everyone, from children to intellectuals. You will come to know what you understand and how can you increase your understanding and thinking ability further. 


Learn Better

To learn better I prefer you to write about what you understand, think and speak about. Make notes while reading for keeping things in mind for the future. If you are interested in history then you will come to know that all our civilizations are based on writings. What we have today is because of the writings by ancient scholars and writers. 


We have problems in learning. It’s not an easy task to find the solutions that’s why it has not been resolved till today. But, by following the above-mentioned tips I believed that you can learn better in your life hopefully. If you study a book in a short time that doesn’t mean that you are the smartest person. Rather you have learned how to read anything in a short period that others didn’t. But here I want you to adopt is that you should know how to learn better not read better though reading is also a significant aspect of learning. I hope that this blog is quite effective for you and all others. 

Are you a better learner now?


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