Learning is the Significant step in our progress as a human. We all know that the learning curve declines with age. When you were a child then you picked things up more quickly than in your teenagers, and you were a quick learner in your teenagers than now. This pattern continues with your age as Shakespeare called the 7 stages of life. But here the focus will be to find What are the barriers to learning. What causes our learning abilities to declines with our ages and is it possible that we can improve our learning abilities in our teenage and after.   

1. EGO


You are stupid behind other intellectuals in the world, ego and learning is inversely proportional to each other. Ego increases with wealth, status and experiences.
Humbleness is therefore a key in dealing with this process. You should deny yourself to learn something. You should learn form everyone. Children didn’t have ego usually; they have curiosity more than us. You should know your gap. It means that when you know your targets and goals then you come to understand that where you are standing in your life and therefore you will pursue accordingly and more effectively.


It’s very important to know that what is to be learn. The identification of area of interest is quite important. Let’s called it your comfort zone upon getting this you feel comfortable. But when you read something successfully and then you again start to read that piece then it’s a barrier in learning more because there are other ways of finding knowledge in the world. Don’t stick yourself in one or two books. 


Biases in finding knowledges comes in two ways. Either by reading books or from the environment and our community. The advice here is that you should be biasfree to learn something from anywhere. Knowledge is not limited to books and communities only, but it’s everywhere. So, you should be unbiased while getting information and knowledge from books and environment or from your circle of friends, families and relatives. Biasness restricts you in a circle of knowledge which you cannot then cross beyond the border of that circle.


Your surrounding environment affects your learning process on a large scale. From your offices to the parks and markets. Your company also matters a lot for you in learning as said:

“A friend is known by the company he keeps” 

Your surrounding people if talks about the advantageous of learning then you also will see learning beneficial. On the contrary if your environment is not that way then you will not learn effectively. 


“Start Learning Start Knowing”


When you realized that you have learned quite enough that you don’t need further to learn anything, but that’s the main point from where you need to learn. This process begins from here basically. My advice to all of you is that never ever allow success to overcome you in your life. 


There are other things which needs to be talked about. There are people who are disable for learning. In UK alone there are around 1.5 million people who have learning disabilities. Their disabilities causes them to learn not much effectively as other individuals do.


The bottom line is that the above mentioned 5 barriers are key to identify for you. Therefore you can overcome your hurdles in your process of education yourselves. My dream and goal is to educate all of you out there. Therefore I believe that this blog is quite helpful for you to enhance your abilities further. All you need to do is that please for humanity, you should also prepare your fellows around in the realm of education and spread educational awareness everywhere within your limited or vast capacity. Good luck for your life endeavours.

Would you like to mention more Barriers here?

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