Scholarships are the backbone for students who want to have admission to the world’s qualified universities to learn. Pakistan is lacking behind in getting the international scholarship, for unknown reasons. But the main reason would be a lack of understanding by the students and low coordination between students and institutions. It is less due to the unqualified criteria by the international universities against Pakistani students.

A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education at a private elementary or secondary school, or a private or public post-secondary college, university, or other academic institution

All these are not the main subject of this blog. But the detail below is just covering the opportunities which Pakistani students have from well-reputed international universities across the globe, From Asia to Europe to America.

“Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.”


Pakistan and international scholarships

A student from developing countries like Pakistan is very interested in pursuing their higher degrees. But due to financial constraints, they can’t fulfill their dreams. It is, therefore, I appeal to you to go through the details of this blog very keenly.

Here is the list of the scholarships available to Pakistani students globally for all levels. Over the last decade, we have only managed to fill 50% of seats. Most of them come with a stipend. Please share with your loved ones who are interested. 

A helpful key to go through all the below would be is to adopt bottom up technique and start watching from Bottom.

  1. Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)
  2. Chinese Academy of Science Fellowship (CAS)
  3. Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT)
  4. International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Italy and South Africa Fellowship
  5. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 
  6. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees Scholarship
  7. Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship
  8. Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) Germany Scholarship
  9. Max Planck PhD Fellowship
  10. EMBL International PhD Programme 
  11. Singapore A*STAR Grant
  12. EPFL Doctoral School Grant
  13. Rhodes Grant
  14. Dresden International PhD Program
  15. Helmholtz International Graduate School for Infection Research grant  
  16. Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGS) Portugal Scholarship 
  17. Fulbright Scholarship
  18. Hong Kong PhD Grants
  19. Korean Government PhD Grants
  20. Arturo Falaschi PhD Fellowships
  21. New Zealand International Doctoral Research grant
  22. Marie Curie Fellowship 
  23. Commonwealth Grants  
  24. Wellcome trust Grants  

Grants awarded by Individual countries

“I paid my own education by scholarship until I left university.” –

Ellen Wilkinson
  1. Clark Global Program

2. Global Academic Excellence (International)

3. ANU Excellence Program

4. ANU Global Diversity

5. ANU Chancellor’s International

6. Boston University Presidential for International Students

7. Swinburne International Excellence for Undergraduate and Postgraduate

8. Melbourne International for Undergraduate

9. Illinois Wesleyan University International Students

10. University of Auckland International Student Excellence

11. In Holland for Non-EEA International Students

12. Tongarewa at Victoria University of Wellington

13. International Undergraduate Student Bursary at University of Manitoba

14. University of East Anglia International Undergraduate

15. AUT International Excellence

16. Erasmus University Holland

17. Univeristy of Ottawa President and Chancellor’s

18. University of Bologna Study Grants for International Students–2-study-grants-and-tuition-fee-waivers-for-international-students

19. University of Padua International

20. World Citizen Talent for International Students

21. WMF Empowerment Through Education grant for Developing Country Students

22. Utrecht Excellence grant for International Students

23. Erasmus Mundus

Note for point 23  

The real advantage is that it is a double degree program that you get two Master degrees from two different countries in Europe. From this scholarship you will get 1200 Euros/month + health and life insurance + travel expenses + tution&library fee. one of the Universities is ‘University of St. Andrews’ from Scotland where Price William and Kate Middleton also studying.

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Its an attempt from my side in my capacity to help you like fellow countrymen to fulfil your dreams. Rest you can have access to there platforms and specially HEC website for more detail. Because HEC is the most trusted institution who provides you with more specific and detailed knowledge.

Please let me know how can I help you more, so that I can also build my research ability and give more guidance to you. Thank you and good Luck for your future endeavours

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